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Welcome to Loyalty

Welcome to Loyalty, home to a prestigious selection of unique luxury memberships. Here you can browse our exclusive portfolio of loyalty programmes, each providing thousands of privileges to a worldwide network of high net-worth clientele.

About Loyalty

The Loyalty group boasts an impressive portfolio of premium luxury memberships and loyalty programmes, all of which were born through the unprecedented success of world-renowned brand, Key-2 Luxury. This group of 15+ memberships span all sectors of the luxury industry, from field sports to interior design, fashion to private dining; including coveted memberships such as the women's-only, Champagne for Life. Through its global Partners Loyalty delivers hundreds of unparalleled Privileges to thousands of high net-worth Members, all around the world.

History of Loyalty

Lord Stanley Fink & David JohnstoneDavid Johnstone, CEO of the Free Holdings group, created Loyalty following the unprecedented success of global luxury lifestyle Membership, Key-2 Luxury.

Founded in 2004, Key-2 Luxury was created to link thousands of high-net-worth individuals with hundreds of prestigious luxury partners around the world. From 2004 to 2010 the silver Key-2 Luxury key ring could not be purchased by the general public and was exclusively available for premium companies to purchase as the ultimate corporate gift to give to their VIPs and was acclaimed by the Financial Times as "one corporate gift to rule them all".

In 2006 Key-2 Luxury caught the attention of leading hedge fund impresario Lord Fink, who at the time was Vice Chairman at Man Group PLC, “having purchased key rings for my top clients, a year later I was so impressed by Key-2 Luxury and excited by its future, I became a director and a co-shareholder”. 

2011 saw Key-2 Luxury as the official invitation to The Global Party, giving Key-2 Luxury true global status, increasing and cementing its resonance across the world, to over 70 cities and 40 countries. In 2013 the company was propelled into a new and exciting era, with its most progressive expansion to-date; recruiting 1000 Executive Account managers, in 360 cities, worldwide.

Under the Loyalty umbrella, this unique community of luxury memberships, are able to interact and support each other, staying true to its founder’s initial vision of strength through unity. 


Proud to Support

The Global Charity Trust works with a range of charities from small projects to large endeavors, with a focus on health, the elderly, education, the environment and children’s welfare. The Global Charity Trust’s philanthropic mission is to have social conscience and to directly support many worldwide charity projects by raising funds and awareness. It was created by David Johnstone, CEO and Founder of the Free Holdings group with his partner and fellow trustee, Lord Stanley Fink. The Global Charity Trust is established under the Charities Aid Foundation registered charity number (268369).

The Global Charity Trust supports many local and international charities through an awe-inspiring charity initiative called ‘THE MOVEMENT’. This simple philanthropic support is achieved by your business through donating a fixed amount, to a charity of your choice via The Global Charity Trust, per sale of a selected item or service. Consumers who purchase this specified item or service will then also be actively supporting THE MOVEMENT by giving back through life’s little luxuries. All businesses that are part of THE MOVEMENT are recognised in an online luxury atlas which guides users to them using a locator functionality and promotes their philanthropic efforts.


The Global Party is the world’s largest invite-only VIP event and is growing annually in it’s philanthropic reach. Infamously launching in 2011 at The Natural History Museum and aboard The Orient Express, this inspirational event brings together the luxury industry in support of The Global Charity Trust. Each year throughout September The Global Party in collaboration with the world’s 5* hotels, finest art galleries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs will once again raise funds and awareness for a vast array of worthy causes, in over 360 cities worldwide.


Key-2 Luxury

Key- 2 Luxury ( is the ultimate luxury lifestyle membership, connecting thousands of high net-worth members to hundreds of luxury partners worldwide. Key-2 Luxury partners' are within the sectors of travel, 5* hotels, restaurants, premium bars & nightclubs and luxury services. Key-2 Luxury establishes loyal relationships between its valued members and its global luxury partners by offering hundreds of exclusive privileges and personal contacts.


Boutique ( is the fashionable membership; an ideal accessory for high net-worth individuals who want to add to their wardrobe or purchase that perfect gift. Members can benefit from exceptional privileges, whether shopping for a cuff links, candles, or a perfectly tailored suit. Boutique connects its members to hundreds of boutiques across the globe, providing direct introductions and personal contacts, as well as wonderful added value with each and every purchase.


Cocktails4Life ( is the essential membership, to never leave home without. Members can enjoy their favourite cocktails at the finest bars and mixology venues all around the world, entitling them to one additional drink with their order. This is the perfect lifestyle accessory for those that love the mouthwatering flavours of an artfully mixed cocktail and want to benefit from guidance and personal contacts at the world's best bars.


Bacchus ( is the essential membership for those with an interest in wine and spirits. Bacchus facilitates direct relationships between its members and partners who encompass the purveyors of premium wines and spirits, vineyards, wine cellars and wine clubs all around the world. Bacchus members are accorded with unique privileges when purchasing wholesale, accessories and experiences.


Coffee4Life ( is the essential membership for all the coffee-lovers of the world. This global membership complements and enriches the lives of individuals everywhere by connecting them to the purveyors of the finest quality coffee, entitling them to mouthwatering privileges, all around the world.


Après (  empowers its Members to indulge in their favourite form of physical activity while enjoying uniquely designed added privileges. Offering exclusive access to international venues, Après entitles its members to VIP treatment, priority bookings, complimentary extras and added value worldwide. Partnering with the best brands, within different sectors of the ski industry. From luxury catered lodges, chic mountain hotels, the very best ski equipment, designer ski threads, and services that are sure to point you down the right slope..

Key-2 Luxury Properties

Key-2 Luxury Properties ( is the premium luxury membership which connects high net-worth individuals directly to luxury realtor's across the globe, facilitating direct relationships between the two. By introducing only the most prestigious selection of luxurious holiday homes, estates and retreats to sell, or to let, Key-2 Luxury Properties ensures that it's members receive only the very best while benefiting from exclusive added value when they invest.

The Worldwide Golf Club

The Worldwide Golf Club ( is the ultimate membership for those who are passionate about this sport. High net-worth members all across the world are accorded with unique privileges when purchasing golf accessories or booking lessons, freeways and putting grounds. The Worldwide Golf Club facilitates direct introductions to its partners, establishing loyal partner/member relationships by providing guidance and personal contacts, worldwide.


Interiors ( is the ultimate membership for those who want to improve and create their live or work space. Interiors' partner with only the very best designers, furniture stores and purveyors of household goods and accessories,according its members with personal contacts and outstanding privileges when purchasing furnishings for their space.

Mothers & Co.

Mothers & Co ( is the perfect parental membership for Mothers, Fathers and their little treasures. Designed to complement and add value to daily family life, this luxury membership entitles thousands of Parents, all around the world, to exceptional privileges with the very best baby brands, child friendly hotels, children's fashion boutiques and childcare services.


Premium ( is the membership for high net-worth individuals who wish to purchase gift cards at leading luxury establishments, whether as a corporate gift, a personal present or simply for themselves. Members can utilise Premium's database of prestigious partners and take advantage of hundreds of pre-agreed privileges when purchasing their gift card. From 5 star hotels to independent clothing boutiques, Premium guides its members to the very best.

The Arts

The Arts ( is the luxury membership which connects discerning individuals, with an appreciation for creativity and culture, to beautiful art galleries, exhibitions and theatres around the globe. Members are accorded with access to shows and events, added value when purchasing beautiful works of art, as well as guidance, recommendations and personal contacts at the very best galleries, theatres and operas worldwide.


Suite ( is the luxury membership for globe-trotting, high net-worth individuals to use when booking their luxury hotel suite, whether for a romantic weekend break, or an overnight business trip. Suite directly introduces its members to luxury partner hotels in exclusive locations everywhere, according them with unparalleled privileges from the moment they check-in.

Private Dining

Private Dining ( is the perfect membership for corporate or personal use. Members benefit from remarkable added value when they choose to reserve their private dining room, at any one of the partnering establishments. Private Dining guides its high net-worth members to the very best dining establishments around the world, allowing them to develop loyal relationships with each.


V-I-P ( is a luxury loyalty membership which accords thousands of high net-worth Members with outstanding Privileges at hundreds of luxury Partner venues worldwide. V-I-P Members benefit from red carpet treatment, a personal first name service and additional bottles of premium spirits or champagne delivered to their table, compliments of the house.


Syndicate ( is the ultimate membership for those with a passion for shooting, hunting, racing or fishing. It meets the sporting interests of high net-worth individuals, with a love of the great outdoors. Whether purchasing a top-of-the line fishing rod, or day's shoot in the country, Syndicate is the perfect tool. This prestigious sporting membership introduces its members to the very best field sport establishments across the world, allowing loyal relationships to develop by providing personal contacts and unique privileges at each.


Wellbeing ( is the luxurious membership for those with an interest in health, beauty and fitness. Wellbeing partners' encompass spas, gyms, beauty parlours as well as yoga and pilates studios, worldwide. This zen-like membership truly enriches its members' leisure time by directly introducing them to the best in the world and entitling them to unique privileges at each.


Gastro-Pubs ( is the essential membership for those who enjoy fresh, high-quality food created with locally sourced produce and a complementing selection of fine wines and real ale. A membership to Gastro-Pubs accords pub-loving individuals with privileges in hundreds of acclaimed establishments whether looking for a break in the country, or a wholesome meal, with a home cooked feel.

Champagne for Life

Champagne for Life ( is the sparkling luxury membership exclusively for influential women worldwide. This prestigious ladies-only membership offers guidance and recommendations to premium venues in cities and towns across the globe. It encourages loyal relationships to develop by entitling thousands of luxury ladies to sophisticated champagne privileges for life.

The Global Charity Trust

The Global Charity Trust was established by Trustees Lord Stanley Fink and David Johnstone, co-founders of the Free Holdings group. It embodies their shared philanthropic vision, forging a uniting theme which runs as an undercurrent through all of the luxury brands, within the Free Holdings group.

The Trust works by connecting charities to innovative projects and companies, in order to raise funds and awareness, across the world. From local projects, to worldwide endeavours, The Global Charity Trust provides direct support for a multitude of charitable causes. 

For full information visit/contact/follow us at:

+44(0)20 3301 3993 


The Global Charity Trust is established under the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF, registered charity number 268369)


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Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to work across our most renowned brands with duties covering PR, Marketing, Client Liasion, Business Development and Sales. 

Once the 4 month internship has finished there are opportunities for suitable individuals to become a full time member of the company. 

Remuneration: Travel expenses (within Zones 1&2) to our office in Fulham SW6 and lunch are provided.

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